Alice POS

Software designed for franchises, buying groups and corporate networks.

Alice POS key features

Management of inventory transfers between branches

Easily transfer stock between your stores. This feature is very effective, for example, if you want to transfer products to your branches that are short of stock.

Harmonize your sales

Alice POS is a complete solution that centralizes sales across all your channels and stores.

Customer order management

Don't panic if you don't have the product in stock! Save your customers' orders and contact them when you receive them again. This feature is particularly useful for products in high demand.

Inventory management

Alice POS simplifies inventory management with real-time tracking, automatically suggesting levels based on sales history or manual recommendations from managers or head office.

Setpoint management

Accept deposits in your branches and offer your customers in-store credit or cash. This can be a great source of revenue for stores looking for a powerful system for tracking consignment items.

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