Complete ecosystem

Module integration

Are you looking to simplify your management or offer your customers a more efficient service?

At Fidélis Paiement, we offer modules to help you grow your business. Applications that are easy to install and use, and always tailored to your company.

Cash register software for restaurateurs


Mobile cash register software

Gift card

Uber Eats

Compatible with your website

MYR is the cash register for franchises and multi-branch restaurants.

Powerful, easy-to-use accounting software for small businesses.


Payroll solutions


Customized reports

Cashflow is accounting software for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The all-in-one solution for centralizing your reservations


Compatible with all payment terminals

No obligation

Ticketing and events

RéservPro is a reservation management tool for tourism establishments and promoters of events and activities.

Dealer management system

Keyloop Serti

Vehicle purchase and ownership experience

Québec company

Made for dealers

Keyloop Serti is one of the world's leading providers of digital solutions for the automotive sales sector. The robust, open platform connects dealers, manufacturers, partners and customers to create a seamless, rewarding automotive purchasing and service experience.

Online medical clinic management software


Billing system

Appointment management

Electronic medical records

Electronic medical records, appointment management, scheduling, billing, detailed reports... Manage your clinic with MEDEXA!

Software designed for franchises, buying groups and corporate networks.

Alice POS

Available in three languages

Compatible with your website

Single store or franchise

Alice POS is a powerful cloud-based point-of-sale solution for franchises and buying groups. This software enables branches and the parent company to centralize data such as in-store and online sales.

POS software for restaurateurs

POS cluster

Table service

Auto Service

Fast service

Delivery and pick-up

Simplify the management of your restaurant and focus on the excellence of your food and service! All this becomes a reality thanks to the Cluster POS solution, designed to adapt to the needs of restaurateurs. Whether for a small counter or a five-star restaurant, it offers a flexible, practical and complete solution.

Software for dental clinics


+ 2,250 dentists

For one or more clinics

Reporting and billing

Paperless solution

Designed with dentists in mind, Dentitek's clinic software is designed to facilitate the day-to-day operations and decision-making required to run your dental practice.

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