Verifone M440

The Verifone M440 payment terminal is the ideal solution for merchants looking for exceptional payment processing performance.

Large touchscreen

Full-screen video

Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB, USB-C

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the Verifone M440 offers a fast, secure and reliable payment experience. This versatile payment terminal is ideal for both small and large businesses. It offers wireless connectivity and advanced features to meet diverse market needs. Increase your company’s efficiency with the Verifone M440! A must-have choice for retail professionals.

Advantages of the Verifone M440 payment terminal

Enhanced safety

The Verifone M440 incorporates advanced security standards, including EMV compliance, data encryption technology, and protection of sensitive information, ensuring secure transactions for customers and merchants alike.


This payment terminal supports a variety of payment methods, including chip cards, magnetic stripe cards, contactless payments and mobile payments. This guarantees maximum flexibility for customers. Verifone M440 also offers support for motion video and high-quality sound.

Processing speed

Thanks to its powerful processor, the Verifone M440 ensures fast payment processing, reducing waiting times for customers and optimizing operational efficiency.

User-friendly design

Its intuitive 8″ touchscreen and user-friendly interface make it easy to use, minimizing input errors and enhancing the customer experience. It also features a 5MP camera, ideal for scanning and accepting alternative payments.

Wireless connectivity

The Verifone M440 terminal offers wireless connectivity options, enabling merchants to accept payments anywhere, whether at the till, on the terrace or at events.

Advanced management

The payment terminal comes with advanced management and tracking features, enabling businesses to efficiently manage sales, track inventory, and generate detailed reports.

Real-time updates

The captivating M440 is capable of receiving real-time updates, keeping you up to date with the latest standards and features.

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